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September 16, 2007

Really unfortunate that SCO filed for Bankruptcy

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Well, the news is well and truely out, SCO filed for bankruptcy. Not a surprise for all of us who is following the SCO saga at Groklaw.

This act by SCO automatically postpone the SCO vs Novell trial tomorrow. Given that SCO files for bankruptcy protection the Thursday before the trial on Monday, I cannot help but think that SCO did it to maximize inconvenience to all others. Novell’s lawyers’ now have to abandon trial preparation, prepare their response to this event, then ponder what to do for the next week where they had pencilled in the trial. Novell’s will still have to pay for the trial preparation done by its lawyer. All those good folks volunteering for Groklaw now have to cancel their travel arrangement and try to get a refund. Judge Kimball will find that he does not have a court hearing to attempt. Mind you, he probably can find solence in catching up on his workload. So does Novell’s lawyers. The only people that are least inconveniented seems to be the SCO team. And finally … Novell’s is unlikely to see the the money it said it is owned from SCO’s SUN and Microsoft agreement and which  will be determined at trial.

As for my part, the main battle, Unix Intellectual Property claim, was decided a while ago. Whatever remained of the trial are simply tidying up the case. However, it still looks as if SCO manage to escape final judgement for its evil did. In a sense, US legal system worked. It is just extremely costly to find out whether it works or not.

When SCO launched its case, people, including me, thinks that it is merely hoping to be bought out by someone, probably IBM.  IBM, to its credit, did not budge. Then we see SCO’s share going up and down, creating opportunity for some opportunists (lets just call them vultures) to cash in its misery.

As for SCO itself, it used the lawsuit (which I am sure it knows it cannot win) to buy time to create Mobile Linux, then use bankruptcy to ditch its debts. If the company probably survive this bankruptcy, and Mobile Linux will be its best chance to survive. Ruthless thinking, of course, but a good one.
Finally, the name SCO is in the mud now, so I would not be surprised to see it renamed to something else, probably ME Inc, if SCO emerge from bankruptcy.


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