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September 18, 2007

Office Applications had never been so sexy since early 90s

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IBM announced a free office productivity suite known as “Lotus Symphony”. Never had office applications becoming so sexy since 1990. For those of us who were old enough to be around, we don’t really need The Wall Street Journal’s gentle reminder but won’t mind it, we will quickly conjure up the image of the Office Productivity Application war at the time.

Although several Office Productivity applications are available, mainly open source or beaten rivals, for a long time now the only two darlings are Microsoft Office and Lately we see web-based office productivity tools, and a lot of people probably thought desktop Office productivity tools days are numbered. Now come Lotus Symphony, which certainly spice up the whole market.

IBM obviously aimed Lotus Symphony at Microsoft Office users. The target price is fantastics, compared to Microsoft’s cheapest version of Office (The USD3 bundle for China does not count). From David Berlind’s account of Microsoft PR activity, they appear rattled.

Is this yet-another-attempt to detrone Microsoft? Realistically speaking, it is about chipping away Microsoft’s dominance in Office Productivity Suite. And that is whats that count coz it is about chipping away the monopolistic power that Microsoft enjoy. At the mean time, if you have any doubt that this is another weapon to be used in the ODF vs OOXML battle, just go through the tour for the Word Processing apps.


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