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September 30, 2007

Apology? or are we starting the blaming game.

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First, we have Daniel Lyons using Forbes “follow-through” tradition as a shield to say that he was “snowed by SCO“, now TG Daily carries a similar “I was lied to too” article by Rob Enderle. Were they forced to do it by their editor? Or were they trying to salvage their reputation? I don’t know and quite frankly, don’t care.

Enderle choose to put the blame partly on hot-headed internet users who “push him to SCO”. Was that necessary? With so many internet users we have hotheads for Microsoft, hotheads for Linux, hotheads for Google, hotheads for just about anything, with exception of “hotheads for SCO” of course. It felt like someone trying to defend his decision. I must say, although I wish I am at a higher plane than him when it comes to forgiving my enemies, I am not sure whether I will refrain from attacking my enemy the way he did. I do sincerely hope I can just swallow that pride and extend the olive branch just a little further.

Enderle also choose to hide behind “I did not say that, they twisted my word”. Unfortunately, I do not buy that his word were twisted by others. In communications it is not what one intends to say that is important, but what is received that is the important part. I learned this the hard way, but that is an invaluable lesson.

Compared to Enderle, Lyons’ was a better written piece. He did not try to pin any blame on his opponent. In fact, he went further by acknowledging some of his opponents got it right. Kudo to him for that!

Both mentioned Groklaw. Groklaw was never kind to both of them (and two other ladies for that matter). Unfortunately my view is that Groklaw successfully point out the fallacy of their arguments and like Groklaw, they both have something to sell.

Bottomline, why do one pay for analyst’s opinion? Do we want pay for them regurgitating PR statments from company, or do we want them to use their brains to check their sources, digest the information, and make informed decisions? Do we want our analysts to stay cool under pressure, especially random noises from the internet that “threaten” them, or go against them with a vendatta? Do we want our analysts, when spotting something is not it seems it is, to tell us so, or continue the trend until the very last minute when it all tumbled down? Or do we want our analyst to use one event to advance his attack on another, larger attack on another event, AFTER he got “smart” about the first event, but before the final curtain for the first event?


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