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October 10, 2007

Hmm…Why is Matusow beating the drum for Novell?

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My personal preference is always not to be “nosy” and never dip my toe into another pond if I can help it so-to-speak. Hence, it is no surprise to people who know me if I were to tell them I cannot understand why Matusow, an Microsoft employee, find fit to beat the drum for Novell by outlining how the Microsoft-Novell agreement benefits Novell.

After all, his loyalty is with Microsoft and like any companies, Microsoft’s friends and foes changes regularly. While I understand why he might want to help out a current ally, telling the world how Novell can benefit from Interoperability is like preaching, i.e., an attempt to sell a concept/believe. Why is he bothered?

Then one day, a speculation hit me that makes me understand why he did it. He is not “telling the world how wonderful interoperability is for Novell”, he is preaching that “you can get the benefit from the kind of interoperability Novell is ‘enjoying'” if you signed on the dotted line like Novell. Hence, Novell is a “case study” for you lot who haven’t opt for the benefit of interoperability. Good advert for Microsoft.

Again, I must stress, this is just a speculation on my part!


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