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October 30, 2007

Leveraging into adjacent market

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NBC finally details several grief it has with Apple iTune. Some, to me, is within their rights as the content owner, however, one, is not.

The one within their rights is their desire to charge different rate for different show, something Steve Jobs does not allow them to do on iTune. That request is fair and let we should let the market (NBC, Apple, Microsoft and other companies in the market who have to cooperate and compete at the same time) to sort this mess out.

However, when NBC says it wants a cut of iPod sales, I think they are overstepping the limits of their rights as contents owner. They do not have the rights to use their contents right to leverage themselves into adjacent market. If we allow it, that means every video recorder, DVD recorder and TV will have to give NBC or other broadcasters a cut of their sales. That’s ridiculous.

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