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December 12, 2007

OOXML Updates

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Two updates. First, it is a blog post from Alex Brown, about the “proposed” OOXML maintenance regime. Three notes here. First, ECMA cannot even get the maintenance procedure correct. That’s shocking but hey, ECMA is populated by human. Second, the “proposal” is vague in a lot of aspect, one of which is probably in my previous blog post where I disagree with Rob Weir in his interpretation. The last and most important point is that Alex Brown believe the actual regiment for maintenance is for SC34 to decide. Remember the sudden rush of National Bodies joining SC34, guess they are going to be useful for more than once. It will be interesting to see the voting pattern for the new national bodies and compare them with what they did for other standards going through the committee. My guess is some will be so indiscrete that we will see them voting in matters relating to OOXML only. Dare I say it? Yes, their votes are likely to be “Yes”

Second, Brian Jones blogged about the changes to OOXML specifications. I welcome the changes. He use it as examples to hit back at critics who says that TC45 will not accept changes. Actually, one can equally interpret it as ISO force it down the throat of ECMA. My bigger beef is that those proposed changes should had been done inside T45 BEFORE being proposed to ISO. Now, we always hope that any changes in the BRM stage is for the better of the standard, but I cannot help but think that the changes will actually REQUIRES voting down OOXML. The proposed changes is big and is SUBSTANTIAL. There is simply not, I repeat not, enough time to fully study the implications of the changes. I still hope that the changes are for the better. It, however, remain true that these changes, although welcome, should had been done before the OOXML is proposed to ISO.


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