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January 2, 2008

Larry Dignan’s review of OLPC

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Larry Dignan’s review of OLPC is a must read.

Some fun bits:

  • His 5 year old daughter fares better than him in flipping it open
  • For 5 year old : Paint is good, camera better, just not email
  • Ruggedness proven. I feel his pain when his kid toss it around, spill liquid and chocolate on it.

Above all, it is clear that the design is for kids and not adults. In fact, at times, being an adult is an disadvantage 😉

It is also not unfallable. It crashes sometimes. It is so far too early to say whether it is teething problem or something more serious that will last a few revisions.

The points Dignan made about Windows usability issue on OLPC with reference to young kids (<10 years old) is a good one. He  thinks Microsoft cannot do it. While I agree Windows XP as it stands will not fit the bill, there is  hope for Windows aficionados: (1)Windows XP, as it is, will appeal to older kids (>10 years old), (2)Microsoft has the resources to rework Windows for kids (<10 years old), if they choose to and (3)They will rework Windows for kids as they probably feels (rightly) that they cannot afford to lose out.


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