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February 24, 2008


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Typical, when you leave for holiday where you do not have access to a computer, some big news breaks!

Yahoo is ripe for acquisition, commentators said so at least since the beginning of this year. The Yahoo that we know today is unlikely to be the Yahoo of 2009. The question either who is the best suitor, Microsoft or Google or News Corp?

Microsoft is the best suitor for investers. He is interested. Having shares under MSFT ticker is certainly more secure and attractive than Yahoo’s own brand. Technologically speaking, disaster in the making. Incompatible systems (open source shop vs windows shop) to be merged and  associated philosophy gap that need to be bridged. Not to mention most Microsoft acquisitions looks like they had frozen in time (think HotMail). Rumour abound that Yahoo’s employees are polishing their CVs. This is never a good sign. Instead of Microhoo!, we might actually see “MicroWho?”
On the other hand, Google will be the technologist dream husband. Innovative and had so far, injected value into its acquisition (think Writely integration into GoogleDoc). Unfortunately Google has yet to show an interest. Moreover, it is likely that parents (antitrust authorities) will not like the merger as it further concentrate web power on Google. For investers, it is an acceptable partner.

News Corp’s proposal is interesting. It strengthens Yahoo’s portfolio, maintains its independence (as far as Murdoch is prepare to grant) in return for a stake in Yahoo. For technologist there is nothing interesting with this proposal and for investers, it is rather difficult to forgo Microsoft or Google’s ticker. Taking this deal will signal that Yahoo place great emphasis on being “independent”, with business-as-usual attitude post marriage.

News Corp’s


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