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March 11, 2008

Microsoft’s virtualization changes motivated by antitrust complain

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Mary Jo-Foley explains why she will be ‘eternally’ a Microsoft skeptic. Her current case-in-point: Microsoft allow Vista Home and Vista Basic to be used in a virtual environment in order to starve a Phoenix Technology anti-trust complain.

Like Microsoft’s recent change in making standard compliant the default mode in IE8 which is driven partly by Opera’s complain, I’m sure Phoenix’s complain plays a role.

I, however, believe that the role Phoenix played is not as large as that of Opera. Why? With IE8, the decision upset Microsoft’s existing customer base. Imagine all the websites designed with IE’s quirk in mind need to be recoded. These websites are not in the minority. With the change of heart for virtualization, the only people Microsoft alienate are those early adopters that find themselves out-of-pocket because they bought expensive version to try Vista in virualization environment. Given Vista’s lower-than-expected sales figure… they are not a large group.

Moreover, I am sure Microsoft already know that sooner or later they have to permit Home and Basic edition to be virtualised. What they need is some trigger that turn this decision into a “sooner rather than later” one.

Their strategy of not allowing them to be virtualized had always been to me a business decision to milk their customers.  There is no technical limitation that I can see that will prevent this (which is unsolvable) from day one.


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