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March 17, 2008

Surprise, suprise …. I have a use for Windows Vista Basic N

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When the EC forces Microsoft to create a “no Media Player” version, i.e., those “N” editions, one thing that puzzle a lot of people is why would anyone wants that edition. It puzzles me too, until… today.

I got my new iMac, and is planning to use virtual machines on it. Linux will be one of the VM I will be installing. I am actively considering whether I am going to fork out money for Windows Vista Basic, now that one can run Windows Vista Basic as a VM. Then it hits me, I do not need media capabilities for my Windows VM! It is a work computer, used rarely (that’s why it is a VM), I don’t need media capability and my employer will be happy that I do not have media capabilities. So, why not get the “N” edition instead?

My particular usage scenario is not unique. I’m sure a lot of people is in the same shoe. So, why not take advantage of EC’s decision?


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  1. […] that original believe the “N” edition will not have much impact, until recently where I find that the “N” edition will suit me fine and that I can get it cheaper than Windows with Media player, at least in theory. I am sure a lot […]

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