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March 19, 2008

OOXML efforts

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Now that the final, last chance for OOXML adoption is getting near, efforts by both side in the OOXML of course will be stepped up. Before the Ballot Resolution Meeting I heard about Microsoft trying to get Indian NGO to support OOXML. I thought it was interesting because the “Form Letter” shows some level of sophistication, i.e., having sections where the sender must fill in, or in their own words, “paraphrase”. This makes it difficult to catch those “form letters”, but might not actually stop senders from just “mailing the form letter (without signature)”. This level of sophistication however, comes at a big risk, the target have no idea why there the particular sender lends support to OOXML. To me, if it is true that Microsoft send out this request after a donation to the NGO, then they, in my opinion, cross the line of associating donation with business objective.

Of course, as expected, we have accusation of “Committee stuffing”. This time in Romania. We all know about that technique. Again, if true, go against the spirit of standardization.

Of course, Rob Weir need not repeat himself, we all know that there are a lot of defects in OOXML that could not be resolved in the BRM. A thousand plus comments resolved in 5 days? That will take more than a Herculean effort.

Most serious incident by far is the accusation of slur campaign against a participant of the BRM in New Zealand. I think Microsoft need to response to this. Either Microsoft support the position of this one employee, or it does not. If it does not, it must come out to distance itself from this employee’s view, and take appropriate disciplinary measure against him.

I will be posting, shortly, a comment of Patrick Durusau support for OOXML as a ISO Standard.


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