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March 26, 2008

Are we seeing a pattern here??

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OOXML passage through ISO certainly raised the profiles of national standard setting institutions. Never in my short life had I seen them being thrust into the limelight. Normally, although their work are important and far reaching, they rarely see the light of day or their work acknowledged. Right now, they are A-list celebrities.

Before the Ballot Resolution Meetings, reports are in from mainly anti OOXML criticizing National Standard Bodies practice. All those allegations about irregularities (example) and member stuffing (example) by the only one big company behind OOXML floods in from all over the world. But now, things are getting more interesting. The accused is now the accuser! First, we have character assasination in New Zealand, then Dough Mahugh making noise about Malaysia. At least in these two occasions, Microsoft can hide behind the disclaimer that “it is my employees’ personal opinion, not the official stand’. Now, we have formal complain about India’s handling of its final decision.

It is only human to want to attack our opponent, a personal attack if need be, if things does not go our way. If there are valid grounds, raise them openly. Put forward your evidence and let the public examine and form their own opinions. Otherwise, do the civilized thing and admit defeat.

If any, I am preparing myself for the possibility that OOXML is going to become an ISO Standard. If this happens, you can be sure that I will blog about why I think this is not a good thing. I will of course present my evidence on why I think this is not a good thing.

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