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April 7, 2008

Comments on van den Beld post

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By way of Matusow’s post, I came across a posting by van den Beld, the former sec gen of ECMA. That posting is interesting because this is the first time we see some meat behind the accusation that the anti-OOXML cloud also manipulated the process.

I was also surprised as I did not think a person who held such a senior position in an international body actually came out with a post that is biased on one side and contains so many accusations. Remember Peter Quinn, the CTO of Massachusetts that was ignited the OOXML-ODF debate in public eye? Even though he has strong feeling about being forced out, his only words on it is only a skirting comments that there were tremendous pressure on him to reverse his decision. Nothing more. We don’t get any juicy detail from him.
Somehow, rightly or wrongly, we do not expect senior personnels to indulge into details the way we spectators or junior staff do. After all, we expect them to be aloft of all these.

I initially planned a long blog post dissecting van den Beld’s post in my classic boring style. Then, I was saved by Andy Updegrove, who writes more eloquently than me and is better in articulating his view which I share. His post is here.

One note that I feel strongly about that Undegrove did not cover: The accusation that an IBM Brazil employee call for an attack on First of all, I will like to stress that I do not condone any illegal activity, and will go on the record to say that the IBM employee in question is stupid and wrong to incite such an the attack. However, it is wrong for van del Beld to not give the full picture. First of all, he called for an attack on, not He is obviously very unhappy about someone doing the unethical thing by trying to misdirect traffic from the website which advocate ODF. Interestingly, had not seen the need to distance itself from this unethical behaviour. However, two wrongs does not make one right and I hope the IBM Brazil employee will come out and explain himself.


  1. the van den beld link is broken


    Comment by orlando — April 7, 2008 @ 2:48 pm | Reply

  2. Dear Orlando

    Thanks. Fixed

    Comment by ctrambler — April 9, 2008 @ 2:56 pm | Reply

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