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April 14, 2008

Cease Fire? HELL NO!

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ZDNet UK is recycling an old ISO Press Release asking people to stop personal attack in the case of OOXML vs ODF. While I do agree that we should stop personal attack, I do not think that we should cease fire on any *other* front.

Both sides in the debate are guilty of personal attack. Some in fact comes from people who are normally respectable and cool under pressure. Any personal attack is wrong. Just wrong. Period.

However, one must be accountable for one’s action and be prepared to defend it. Part of the reason for open tender, Freedom of Information Act, open debate in Parliament is to allow the public to scrutinize the work of a committee/body/persons and hold them to account. If one think that someone’s action is wrong, they have the right to voice it. That is not personal attack. It is painful to swallow but I hope those holding public office are bigger enough to accept it. It is part of the scrutiny process. If, after taking account of what critics says, you know you did the correct thing and therefore have a clear conscience in front of your God, then to hell with critics.

However, attempts to link that action to unrelated topics such as religious belief is personal attack. That should not be tolerated. Never!

Bottom line: Personal attacks should not had started, and since it was, we have to cease fire on this front. But there will not be any cease fire on other fronts. We care about Document Standard, We see blatant irregularities and will make sure we are heard!


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