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April 18, 2008

Its not 6000+ page, stupid!

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Rule 0 in ODF vs OOXML war, do not, and I really mean DO NOT, say anything that can be statistically proven to be grossly out of context, or Rob Weir WILL catch you out! Don’t believe me, see him demolishing the ISO out-of-context claim that beats around the claim that 6000+ pages are too long.

I do agree with ISO that page count should not be a criteria for refusal. Fast Track is in itself a useful tool. Its principle is correct: There is no point going through the full standard process (again) when another institution had done all due-diligence work, i.e., carefully scrutinized the proposed standard. Therefore, I CAN see standards that run to ten of thousands of pages and still be appropriate for Fast Track through ISO.

The problem with OOXML is it is not appropriate to fast track it. First and foremost, it is badly written. It looks more like things that come out of an academic “standard” committee. The reason for quoting the actual page count is that writing up a 6000+ pages essay did not help improve it; In fact, it made it worse.


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