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May 9, 2008

EeePC list price

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A reader Orlando said in a comment to my musing about the difference between Eee PC Windows and Linux might be an artificial one that Asus Australian site actually have EeePC with the same specs for both Windows and Linux and that the windows one was AUS150 more. A very big thank you to Orlando for pointing this out.

I always harbour some suspicion that the APC Magazine article might be mistaken or a hoax. Hence, after seeing Orlando’s comment I went back and read the article again. My opinion now is that it is possible that the author Kidman was talking about some promotion which lump both Microsoft Windows XP and MicrosoftWorks into the EeePC (The Asus site only have WIndows XP. Either that, or I got hoodwinked.

Orlando’s find on Asus website was great for me since it allows us to compare the real cost of Win
dows XP license, at least in Australia. The amount appears to be AUS150, which is about the same as that in UK (guestimate at GBP70+ for OEM the size of Asus and exchange rate of AUS2.05 to GBP1.00). Right now, you expect to pay this license fee in full as the EeePC is hot. Let it cool down and you should be able to get a discount from your mass market retailer. Again, if I was not hoodwinked by Kidman, the fact that only the Windows XP version is available at mass retailer set it up nicely for price competition. This will  be good for consumers. It will also be a good experiment on how much competition can bring down the cost for consumer.


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