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June 12, 2008

Nokia to Linux Developers: “Learn the handset business”

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By way of Groklaw’s newspick, I came across this article at ZDNet UK titled “Nokia urges Linux developers to learn business”. Good article highlighting the divides between Open source and the current handset practice. Bad title because the article is about “open source”, not “Linux”. Most importantly, Jaaksi,  Nokia’s vice president of software, who opinion is the focus of the article, clearly demonstrate his understanding of this divide.

Most importantly, he is not demanding that Open Source changed to suit current handset business practice. He is hoping to open a dialog between open source and handset industry needs. Therefore  I would not go as far as PJ goes by simply saying “No” to him. I would encourage him to pursue changes in current business practice to get it more aligned with open source practices since I think it will benefit the industry, and Nokia, in the long run. Somethings, like handset lock and DRM is going be difficult to surmount. But lets work around these first and concentrate on stuff that we both believe in. Market dynamics might just shift in time in our favour.


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