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June 23, 2008

UK Unix User Group legal challenge and did I sense Alex Brown’s frustration?

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Alex Brown blog post on ODF Alliance’s “favourite” topic, OOXML, updated us on UK Unix User Group challenge of BSI voting decision in the Law Courts. As expected, they flunked. Also as expected, the failure was not well publicized. What was unexpected is the revelation that it fails to show up when it really matter, i.e., when BSI was voting on the issue, and an extremely strong hint that it might just make the difference.

Another interesting point is at the end of the post. I sense that Brown is frustrated at the appeal process delay the maintenance of OOXML. As a technical person, I can understand that. Here, Brown is probably at the lighter end of this frustration since I am pretty sure we are only looking at a delay and nothing more serious than that. This is seen in the context that we live with the “standard” frustration that one can expect in normal business process where our technical opinion is valued but not implemented because it did not make business sense. Obviously, the biggest frustration is that some management people completely overruled the technical committee in a way that we sensed that they simply disregarded our opinion. Hmm… there are at least several people that claimed they are wronged this way.


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