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July 23, 2008

Don’t be too fast in writing off SCO

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Scott Bradner of Network World thinks that SCO’s future is all used up. A lot of us share this sentiment the day SCO filed its lawsuit against IBM. It was already in trouble then. The lawsuit against IBM was the start of the downwards spiral of SCO the way we know it. It is still a question whether it will come out of bankruptcy. The award of mere 2 million dollars (instead of the 20 million asked for) make the situation less worse.

I will write off SCO as a software company. Threatening to sue the world without merit is not something a software company do. If anything, SCO’s history for the past few years does not inspire confident in it. It is seen as a bully, and nobody wants to do business as a bully.

Write it off completely? No. As reported by GrokLaw, SCO has dreams of being splited into two post bankruptcy. I can imagine that SCO’s software and its licensing collection agreement goes to one company. There are still some residue value in SCO software and the UNIX licensing fee collection worth exploiting, but this company will be a shadow of the SCO we know.

The one that is making the headline when Darl McBride first mentioned the possible split is SCO as a litigation company. Here, ironically, the fact that it has a demonstrated history counts in its favour. I can see the current SCO ligitation business team in action as a patent troll. They demonstrated their competency. It is true that we do not need yet-another-patent-troll, but I am afraid unless some legal measure is taken to defang patent-trolls, things are out of our control.

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