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July 24, 2008

Misguided attempt at stopping internet piracy

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Don’t get me wrong, infringement of Intellectual Property Rights is wrong. However, the deal that British ISP signed up (BBC, FT, PaidContent coverage)  to is absolutely misguided attempt to stop piracy on the internet.

First, ISP are Postal Services/Telephone Company in the internet age. They all transport information. They have no rights to inspect the information you sent, or should they police the content. There are already adequate laws to police these services.

Second, it is wrong to allow ISP to act on allegations of IP infringement, such as slowing down one’s internet speed or to disconnect one from the internet. We already have legal process to deal with it. To do this will be to punish someone without a fair hearing.

And I have not mention the fallacy of the process used to identify infringers….

IP content owner has the duty to police its own IP property. It is not the duty of the ISPs.


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