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July 30, 2008

They are advertisement, so see it as advertisement

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Microsoft released two videos recently. Both were criticized for “economical” with the truth. The first about Windows running on OLPC. The second is about the Mojave Experiment. As expected, the second was much more polished and fine-tune as it definitely has a larger budget and was intended for a larger audience.

Whenever you see these type of demo, treat it as advertisement. What we might think is twisting/economical with the facts is generally speaking, more strigent than people in PR and Advertising. They are trying to sell a message, and will do virtually anything to do it. Challenging the advertisement guideline and fall on their swords (as recorded by adjudication by watchdogs such as The Advertising Standard Authority) are not the risk of the occupation, but the norm in the business. If you ask me, it is a catch and mouse game for the authorities as they have to make sure that falling on their sword does not turn up to be a badge of honour by the advertising agencies.

My advise is always to try things out yourself. Define what you want before trying the unit out to make you more resistance to sales pitch. That way, you are making a more informed choice.


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