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July 31, 2008

Through PJ’s lens…

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PJ of Groklaw‘s contribution to open source and free software is huge, especially when it comes to legal issues. Unfortunately, her “Microsoft” len are often bending lights wrongly.

One case in point: PJ’s comment on Fortify Software alliance with Microsoft in her news pick. Less than a month ago, Fortify Software release a “study” that says that Open Source software development methods are insecure by quoting a study looking at 11 Java-based project. PJ linked it with the Microsoft-Fortify Partnership and ‘Get the facts’ campaign.

I think it is wrong for PJ to do so. Independent of Microsoft, it is highly conceivable that Fortify will still carry out such a “study”. After all, it is in the business of selling software to improve software security. Its link with Microsoft? We cannot read much into it since one can safely assume that the majority of companies selling software have links one way or another with Microsoft.

We must see the study as what it is, advertisement. Even if we assume that this is part of ‘Get The Facts’ campaign (which I do not see any link),  ‘Get The Facts’ campaign is only one of those marketing initiative in disguise as studies.

I have to take beef against Warwick Ashford, the article writer, for not fully disclose Fortify Software’s business in the article which I think is extremely relevent. Ashford did provide a link which identify Fortify’s business. However, the conflict of interest in the study clearly warrant a statement about Fortify’s business.


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