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August 27, 2008

No Flash and Java == Cannot access to all website

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BBC is running a story about the Advertising Standard Agency banning iPhone ad because the ad misleadingly claim that iPhone can access all websites.

Apple is claiming that it is not misleading because it simply claims you can get to the website on the iPhone. However, ASA applied the more general principle that to you and me, access means seeing the content. I believe ASA is agreeable to degraded experience but is objecting to the fact that one can have blank screen on your iPhone should the website designer choose to deliver everything in Java or Flash. This approach with Flash is increasingly popular.

This ruling both excits and worry me.  Excits me because has the potential to force Apple to open up the iPhone platform more. Apple is trying to control the “user experience”. I understand it, but I am always conscious that it can be just an excuse to shut out competition on the iPhone. Recent events does not bore it well, for example Apple throwing out an iPhone app that enabled bluetooth modem function from its store without even bothering to explain why. (It did put it back again and if you ask me, it is likely to be a contract issue)

I am at the same time worried that if ASA applied the rule to strictly, all mobile devices must have all the bells and whistles a desktop webbrowser must have. This might shut out some mobile devices, especially cheaper one with more limited capability. It will drive cost up for all of us because your mobile device manufacturer has to spend money on making sure this is the case.

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