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September 3, 2008

Google Chrome Browser

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Google finally came out with its own browser, named Chrome. As Glyn Moody said, what took Google so long. Ed Brunette has the best summary on the features and the technical details we care about.

I had a quick look at the comic book intro, and a short BBC News segment about it (note the FULL screen of icons on the computer screen). These are the features I think I will like:

  1. The fact that one failed website will not bring down the whole browser.
  2. Opening a new tab give you a thumbnail of all your favourite site, plus some options to quickly perform a search/bookmarking on the right hand side.

Features that I am ambivolent about

  1. Quick access to “anonymous” mode. I like it, and can see that it is useful when you are doing sensitive transaction such as buying stuff on Amazon, but will have to retrain myself to use this mode. I hope it is easy to switch to this mode from an existing tab.

Things that I do not think is useful

  1. The URL bar is badly designed. I want something like Firefox task bar. It is more informative. I particularly dislike the idea of having web search results as the three top items. That is not what I always do with URL bar. I use it like “bookmarks”, the way Firefox envisage. Here I think Google had erred. I think the search results should be at the bottom of the pull down menu. As a concept, my favourite pull down URL bar menu will be having the current two line per item Firefox style bookmark just below the URL bar, but at the very bottom one line per item search results, the way Google did
  2. Tab is now on top of windows. Who actually cares about where it is? If my past behaviour is a guide, I actually prefer the standard menu items to be at the top. I cannot recall which application but I remembered that there was one that put the menu bar below a tool bar by default and guest what is the first thing I do? I reversed the order. Ditto tabs if I can.

Is Chrome a Firefox killer or IE8 killer? I don’t think it is designed to do either. It introduces some new and interesting concepts for web browsers. Compared to Firefox it has its charm. Like Firefox, it makes IE8 looks outdated before it was even introduced.

It is my belief that this browser is actually a “trojan horse”. Google may call it a browser, but the only connection to the browser that we know is it pull and push data to and from the internet. It is actually a business application platform in disguiss. For Google, it’s purpose is to enhance Google’s internet offerring and I am sure Google will optimize it for that purpose. For the rest of us, if Google implements it properly, it can be one of the best browser for those “Rich Internet Application”.

What does Chrome bring to the browser market? It fans the fire of browser innovation seeded by Opera, turn into a fire up by Firefox, into an inferno. Marc Andressen will be eating his words now.


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  1. i’m willing to try it out just to see if it works more efficiently than FireFox… if it’s faster than Firefox and isn’t IE, then i’ll use it

    Comment by kingdom media — September 3, 2008 @ 5:19 pm | Reply

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