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September 5, 2008

First Microsoft makeover ad verdict? A flop

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Via Mary Jo-Foley blog, I saw the first of a series of ads that Microsoft spent a huge fortune on. My verdict? Not interesting at all.

I am not a Seinfeld fan, and while I respect Bill Gates, he is just another CEO to me and I don’t really care about CEO. Therefore the ad does not appeal to me.

Why I watched it? Curiosity.  The buzz surrounding it makes me watch it. In that respect, it succeeded. However, the ad fails to capture my attention and make me want to see the next installment. In fact, I lost interest 20 seconds into the Ad. The difference between individual advertisment and a series of ads is the latter is suppose to catch your attention, making you asking for more and with this, imprint the message it is suppose to sent stronger than one advertisement can do. It fails, miserably.

Why did the ad feature Bill Gates? He is a “has-been” for Microsoft. He is not a showman. Even in interviews, he looks woody. Balmer on the other hand, IS a showman. He is the one the adverts should feature, not Gates.


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