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September 6, 2008

Carla Schroder is living up to Brian Profitt’s standard

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When Brian Profitt left LinuxToday to work for Linux Foundation, I thought we are going to lose a fine commentator on the state of Linux. Therefore, at least to me, the person who step into his shoe will find it difficult to living up to Profitt’s standard. After reading several of Schroder’s “Editor Notes”, it is safe to say Schroder is beginning to warm up nicely and working up to the standard Profitt’s has set for LinuxToday’s  editorial. LinuxToday’s Editor Notes is one of the few rare articles in the internet age that is well-balanced and demonstrate considerable depth of thinking.

Schroder latest post cut through the hype surrounding Google Chrome in a way we see in Profitt’s writing but not other commentators. Everyone know there is more that meet the eye in Google Chrome, and Schroder is the only one that spell them out possible ways in a very convincing and well researched way, i.e., quoting evidence to support her view.

I particularlly like her casting Google as a budding Big Evil in computing. I myself believe this is only a matter of time and the extent at which Google become “evil”. I am also troubled by the fact that Google has acted more like a proprietary company and is more closed source than SuSE or RedHat when it comes to its main offerring. Yes, Google is sponsoring a lot of open source software and is itself releasing software at the periphery of its core business, but compared to SuSE or RedHat, the stuff they open source or sponsored is less close to their core business to the two companies in question.

However, like Profitt, I do not agree with all her analysis. This time, it is her characterization that SAAS is a way for greedy corporate entity, such as Google, to side step the requirement to release the source code as required by the GPL. A lot of people share her view, and I did originally shared this view as well. However, after listening to Eben Morgan, I realize that the ultimate goal of requiring the release of source code under GPL if you distribute software licensed under GPL is to be stop the software from being poisoned in such a way one entity is so dominant that it effectively has control over a GPL software that others had contributed. If the contamination can be contained and limited, then we should maximize the chances that someone can study/refine GPL software for their own use, including commercial use. In my opinion, Google’s “contamination” of the GPL is limitted to inside Google. There may be some outside facet of this contamination but is no different from me mailing my data to a company, get it processed using modified GPL software and mailed back the results to me.

Should Schroder emulate Profitt’s writing? No. Schroder should develope her own style and strength. I don’t want another Profitt. Profitt is unique, so should Schroder.


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