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September 10, 2008

Simply put : bad publicity

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London Stock Exchange trading system crashed. The second time in a year. Software to be blamed. Unfortunately for Microsoft, its .NET framework and its SQL server offering was the backbone of the system. Whether or not it is the .NET framework or the SQL server is to blame, the publicity is damaging.

We only know that the software failed. The software could failed anywhere, not just on .NET or SQL server. It could be third party software that weave together and formed the trading platform that failed. All we know is the software stack failed three times (twice in LSE and another time in South African exchange which used the same platform).

It is bad because it is not only because technology magazine reports that the trading platform is built on Microsoft technology (we expected that) nor because the usual suspect (it is not fair to pick on Vaughan-Nichols) but because it is widely reported in main stream media such as The Guardian.

Since normally no news is good news, and that failure in other stock exchange will probably not make big headline news in UK (except NYSE which will make the headline whereever you are), we cannot tell whether this means the LSE’s platform is more prone to failure, let alone Microsoft’s technology is to blame.

At slightly more than one year old, it is also a relatively young platform. Any platform has bugs and we may just be seeing software bugs get exposed, abeit in a specatcular way.

The lesson here is to be very careful when you chalk up a truimph. If you make a fanfare out of it and then it suffer some spectalur problem, people remembers.


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