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September 15, 2008

If those Microsoft Advertisement hit the intended spot, then so be it

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Over at Between The Line, Sam Diaz believes that Microsoft has a point when it says the purpose of the Microsoft advertisement (so far) is to generate buzz. In that, I agree as well. It generated buzz, but one underlying problem: I don’t think it is a POSITIVE buzz. Then again, I suppose any buzz, good or bad, is good from a advertising perspective.

Diaz does not think it works. He says that is because people’s attention span is short. That is true. However, I know from experience my attention span can be lengthen considerably if an advert can create suspend and excitment and make me asking for the more, more and more.

Most ad campaign play it safe. For example, take the “Actimel challenge”. Every ad sent you an clear message: Actimel lower colestrol. It also, over several episodes, spin a “commercial” study showing a few real-life ordinary “people” like you and me taking and succeeding in the challenge. A second example is the long running one-off comedy on Daz branded soap power. Both are not particularly  memorable advertisement campaign. Why? do I care if I miss an episode? No. Psychologically speaking, however, it is successful as it wired more of my memory cells together for the product by spinning a common theme across several episodes then it would had as separate distinct individual ads.

Back to the Microsoft ad. My reaction? Not another episode, please! I will pay if you promise to kill the campaign! We have enough. Did it wired more of my memory cells together? Actually, it wired a lot more then I want it to. So is it a success? NO. It wired the wrong type, the type that tell me I do not want Microsoft or anything related to it.

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