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September 23, 2008

Microsoft’s ‘I’m a PC’ Ad campaign: so far, one word – GOOD

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Hot on the cancelled “Seinfeld Ads”, Microsoft’s “I’m a PC” campaign first advert is one of the few rare good advert from Microsoft.

I got the message loud and clear: everyone is a PC and PC is everywhere. As one of the better ads, I got the message barely 15 seconds into the ad. The one minute version is a bit too long however. 30 seconds is about right before the message “I’m a PC” become too repetitive and boring.

While the PC market does not belong exclusively to Microsoft, it successfully capitalized Microsoft’s dominance on PC. Only at the end of the advert did Microsoft logo appears. However, long before that, you know it is a Microsoft Ad.

The upbeat music is a good accompaniment to the advert. You feel good and will give Microsoft a try after being brainwashed by the advert.

The swipe at Apple is delivered in an extremely artful way. It reminds you of the Apple ad but twist it to Microsoft’s favour. With this ad, Apple’s “Mac vs PC” ad is effectively defeated. The next time you see it, you will be reminded of this Microsoft Ad, seriously diminish the value of “Mac vs PC” ad to Apple. Moreover, The Mr Mac will now have to wipe his “smurt” off his face. With this everyman image of the PC, the Mac is now an arrogant man which I no longer aspire to.

I believe I know why the two horrible ads are shown. Quite simply, it is there to lower your expectation of the this advert, so it can psychologically deliver a larger “wow”.

The advert is however short of substance. Hopefully the next installment (if there is one) deliver more substance. Here you see, unlike “Seinfeld”, I want to see more.


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