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October 1, 2008

First confirmed tightening of procedure as a results of ISO OOXML ballot

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From Metamorphosis blog, we have the first confirmation (that I know of) that national body voting procedure was changed as a results of the OOXML voting.

The Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) changed its voting procedure which requires participants to be a member when the documents for the voting was distributed (three weeks in Swedish time). I am not sure it will achieve much. It means either party who wants to swing a debate to its favour simply have to bring forward his/her timetable by three weeks. The logic behind it is any person who votes must have the time to read through the documents. Voting for something without reading it is frawn upon in Standard Committees. This makes adopting this rule easy. However, it does not guarantee anyone will read it. The best rule would be to proof that they read the documents but this is virtually impossible to write into the rule book.

SIS CEO Flink is quoted to say that “… a number of [participant who joined up for the OOXML vote at the last minute] have dropped membership.”. If so, they should be named and shamed.


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