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October 5, 2008

Another reprieve for XP, … or is it going to be a bridge to next Window

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Wow… Windows XP is just not going to die, for business reason. Technically speaking XP should had been dead by now, freeing developer resources to nurse Windows Vista, or its successors. Instead, the zombie simply refuses to die.

We now have a six month repreive, with OEM pushing more. From a business point-of-view it is good for Microsoft and OEM: It push users to buy more expensive version of Windows since only the more expensive version qualify for this reprieve. For OEM, since they are only offering more expensive version of Windows on their more expensive offering, their earning per sales increase. For customers like you and me, you can either see this as daylight robbery, or a price hike for XP.

Me? As reluntant as I might, I see it as price hike for XP. Let’s face it, in business we do not like change, so I would not change to Vista if I can. Changes cost a lot more than the ticket price for a new computer upgraded to XP. If any, I will be holding on the hope that OEM pushing this program right up to the way of next Window, skipping Vista all together.


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