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October 5, 2008

Microsoft tainting CodePlex? Not really …

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TheRegister is running a story saying that Microsoft is tainting CodePlex with projects using open source licenses that does not satisfy OSI‘s definition. That’s nothing new. We know it from day 1.

However, as Michael de Icaza points out and TheRegister noted, its pages for creating new projects does suggest that the site is kosher with respect to OSI’s definition of open source. That has to be corrected.

Therefore, we need more article like this TheRegister story to raise public awareness that CodePlex is following Microsoft’s model of open source, not the traditional and well established one.

As I noted before, Microsoft is free to host projects under any licenses it like in CodePlex. CodePlex is Microsft’s creation and therefore Microsoft is the ultimate arbitrator of CodePlex.

However, Microsoft tries to portray CodePlex as one of the major step it is taking to embrace the term “Open”. Unfortunately for it, recent publicities, including the one that Microsoft Extension Framework that irked Michael de Icaza and noted in one of my previous blog post, and the SandCastle problem, all we get is a sense of Microsoft fumbling and tumbling in this uncharted territory (for it) or worse, Microsoft is insincere.


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