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October 6, 2008


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Finally, some activity on Brian Jone’s blog. OK, it is not from Brian Jones, but from his colleague Zeyad Rajabi. So, Jone is still officially missing in action since soon after OOXML ISO ballot. Come to think about it, Jason Matusow is another MIA from OOXML camp. We, pro ODF camp really need to go back and check the list of unknown hospitalized/captured enemy combatant in our own Guantanamo Bay facility since July to see whether one of our ranks did not realize the significant of the enemy personals he put out of action.

Enough nonsense. The news is of course there is now an OOXML SDK. Using the warfare analogy, our opponent just fired a a medium size shell and it exploded right on target. ODF have a lot of SDK around, see OOOLib for example. Nonetheless, we were put on notice that our opponent possess a new weapon in an important battle ground: creation/consumption of OOXML and ODF document via SDK. This can end up being the one of the important deciding factor on who has the widest adoption.

So, all comrades to the trenches now. Insofar that a OOXML SDK appeared, that is only to be expected. We will now face a stronger opposition. In our favour, it needs the .NET framework. That is a heavy piece of machinary that is difficult to move around, e.g., port to non-Microsoft platform (yes, I heard about Mono), especially when you compared it to the lightweight ODF that works on any platform. It is true that a good analogy is that our opposition put machine guns on their Pilatus light aircraft after we invented the stinger missiles. Still, those machine guns can hurt you.

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