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October 11, 2008

Dial down UAC? No… modify needed (and dial up)

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A lot of people, and apparently Microsoft agrees, that UAC should be dial down. Having experienced installing a printer driver in Vista, I beg to differ.

UAC need twicking. That is for sure. More informative messages and clicks? Certainly. Take the printer driver for example, it is a network-enabled printer. Click to approve printer driver installation? Yes. Click to unblock outward communication to printer? That I have a problem. First, I shouldn’t be asked to approve an outward communication. Second, the message was too generic one the line “Computer want to communicate to the world. Approve?” I am an IT savvy person, I can make the connection between the network-enabled printer and the computer, but the vast majority of others cannot make the connection. So, UAC need modification, such as removing unnecessary autorization and more informative messages, but this is not dial down.

However, UAC has a really bad flaw, i.e., when I click to approve driver installation when logged in as an administrator, I do not need to put my password in. That is wrong. It compromise physical security. The computer should ensure that nobody, except the administrators for the computer can install any software. This should be performed by challenging the person who wants to install any software, and not by relying on the current log in setting. Other operating systems (Linux, Macintosh) do this, and Windows should follow. This is the dial up that I want to see.


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