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January 14, 2009

Wrong headline

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At Recording Industry vs The People blog, a new post highlight that RIAA decided to drop the case against John Does. Given RIAA’s tactics, it would had been a big news. Unfortunately, RIAA decided that it will not persue individuals in court in December. I note that it violated its own declaration once, but that may be the results of bureaucratic delay in passing the information to its lawyers, or that it decides to continue on lawsuits already in preparation.

The real news, to me, is that they “workaround” the problem of naming all unrelated defendents on one suite by bypassing Austin, Texas, the jurisdiction that ordered it to stop. It obviously violated a court order. Is there any repercussion? Or will it get away with it, now that it drops the suit?

A simple court order to change it to “withdrawal with prejudice” will be suffice as punishment. The only people to benefit is the 22 John Does. On the bigger picture, it is just a small interesting news in the bigger copyright litigation picture and  will be business as usual for all. That makes it a fitting, propotional and reasonable punishment.

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