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February 6, 2009

Interesting strategy to reduce confusion, but might just work

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ComputerWorld’s report on how Microsoft plans to just concentrates on 2 out-of 7 editions of Windows 7 is interesting. First, it is a tacit acknowledgement that 7 editions are confusing. Concentrating on two editions makes life easier to joe consumers, especially when the difference is easy to explain, i.e. one for business, another for home. However, it is clear that Windows still thinks there is a good business reason to have 7 editions. Perhaps it is easier to sell a more expensive windows edition then to sell  a standard windows edition then tell you to buy the additional bells and whistle which together will do the same thing. It is hoping to have its cake and eat it. It is a brilliant strategy. It might just work.

As for Linugadgetech claim that the fact that Windows Starter Edition only allows three applications at any time is an openning for Linux. I am not so sure. First, those computers are very low specs. It might have problems running more than three applications if you want satisfactory performance. Second, consumers might just be willing to accept this limitation because it is cheap, even if they were naive enough to think that it a limitation of their cheap computer and not the operating system.


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