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March 23, 2009

TomTom gearing up for a fight

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It looks like TomTom is gearing up for a fight as it signed on the dotted line f9r OIN’s Linux defender program. This is a significant hardening of TomTom’s stand.

When TomTom filed patent suit against Microsoft in retaliation, that is something TomTom may be forced to do by law, i.e., counterclaim now or forever hold your tongue. It is definitely collecting legal firepower for a defense. One can also see it as a way to try to extract a better settlement deal from Microsoft, if settlement is what TomTom wants. Finally, it is a common legal counter move so it is difficult to read anything, although it does not prevent me from trying 😉

I do expect TomTom to do other maneuvre to protect itself and strengthen its position.  To sign up to Linux defender program is one way of strengthening one’s position. In one stroke TomTom is buying into Linux collective defense. If Microsoft litigate anything which is considered as a threat to Linux, as a licensee of OIN protection, TomTom can tell OIN to help  (financially and materially). That is a brilliant move until you consider what the downside is.

The downside is … It makes any settlement talk with Microsoft significantly more difficult. When collecting ammo to strenghten one’s bargaining power, the rule of the playground says you do not collect any ammo that makes the situation worse for you. Signing up for OIN license make one’s position worse because the other side is less likely to settle, and if it does, it will make you pay for acquiring this ammo.

Therefore, I think this is clear signal that TomTom is gearing up for a fight, rather than settle.


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