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March 31, 2009

TomTom settles with Microsoft

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TomTom, as expected, settle with Microsoft (Groklaw’s coverage here and here).

It’s a sensible thing for TomTom to do, regardless of the merits of the case. The issue of FAT’s long filename will remain unsettled. TomTom preferred to remove it rather than challenge it in court. To tell the truth, nobody, Microsoft included, has the stomach to litigate on that archane issue. As an “embeded” program manufacturer, I would do what TomTom do, i.e., simply take more care about limiting the filename to 8 characters, rahter than spend money challenging it in court. For Microsoft, it is definitely worried that it might trigger the Linux common defense. It’s just unncessary hassle if it trigger it.

Is it a Novell-like deal or RedHat-like deal? We have not enough information to acertain it. Microsoft’s Press Release is careful to say that TomTom’s obligation under GPLv2 remains intact. It can mean either TomTom is careful to make good its obligation, or Microsoft go creative again. It could also mean Microsoft will now say to potential licensee that we have a way to charge you money while keep your GPLv2 obligation intact.

The battle is once again, a stalemate. Nobody gain or lose in this case. I don’t know about you, but I expected it.


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