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April 9, 2009

New OpenXML SDK from Microsoft

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Zeyad Rajabi, via Brian Jones’s blog, announced the availability of a updated version of OOXML SDK. Congratulations to them for delivering it.

I always believe that the ability to deliver a SDK will be the determining factor on the adoption of OOXML or ODF. On this front, OOXML seems to be doing better. There are a few ODF SDK around, at least one each for and KOffice, and they are also cross-platform, but as they don’t blog or make any noise, nobody heard them.

One criticism I have of OOXML is it is still very Microsoft platform oriented. I have not seen any cross platform OOXML SDK or for that effect any OOXML SDK for non-Microsoft platform. (Use the Microsoft’s SDK in Mono? You must be joking) For proper adoption we need them. But in the end it probably do not matter.

Another criticism is the discussion on how OOXML helps one manipulate documents on Brian Jones’ blog has shifted from discussing how to change the XML itself to the use of the toolkit. That is disappointing because discussion on manipulating raw XML is what I want to see, especially the claim is that OOXML is more manipulatable than ODF.


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