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April 16, 2009

“Apple tax” report backfired on Microsoft. Really?

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Over at The Industry Standard, Paul Boutin reported that a Microsoft commissioned “Apple Tax” report backfired at Microsoft as people in the technology world pick it apart. I share the opinion that the report was based on flimsy facts and was picked apart mercilessly and in my opinion, it deserved it.

However, I do not believe it had backfired as I do not think it is aimed at people who have their pulse on the technology. It is aimed as business people.

I see it as part of Microsoft anti-Apple strategy. The first part is to target retail customers. This is what the TV ads are about. The second part is to target business customers, encouraging them to buy more Windows computers than Apple computers. This is what the report is for.

This report is so badly written that I am sure there are people in Microsoft who already picked it apart before the blogosphere do. It is still released. Why? The target audience, those business people are not savvy enough to dig deeper. All they will ask when someone, most likely non-Microsoft sales rep, raise the “Apple Tax” issue is to show them the proof and hey presto, the sales rep point to the report and case closed. While their IT people will protest, even pointing out reports, such as Boutin’s, to support their case, the bottom line is the seed of doubt had been planted in the mind of business people, and importantly, in the mind of those who hold the purse string.

Pick apart by people in the know? Not a problem and there is no need to care about them. We simply go above them and target the “clueless” that is in control of the $$$.


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