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May 8, 2009

Copyright gone MAD

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BoingBoing is reporting that MPAA recommends teachers record movie clips using TV and camcorder instead of ripping from DVD.

I understand why MPAA recommends it. The fact that quality is bad and that it is troublesome definitely play a big part. On the political side I note that the recommendation is in response to DCMA exemption hearing, so the other reason is to provide a reason for Library of Congress to deny exemption for classroom use.

To me, it is ricdiculous because if they agree you can use the material, under fair use provision, using the cumbersome, roundabout way, then they practically conceded that there is a case to grant exemption.  Quality and diffficulty of the workaround is immaterial. If any, it proves the exemption is needed. Why? If you are blind, you can always hire someone to read a ebook to you. Only fools are going to argue that since this is possible, there should not be an exemption for text-to-speech exception for the blind. Another thing is, if quality and difficult is material, then a pirate can use it to argue for a lesser sentence. I do not think this will go down well for MPAA, do you?

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