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June 1, 2009

Windows 7 Starter Edition concession from Microsoft

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Microsoft had just made the concession of allowing unlimited applications to be run on Windows 7 Starter edition. I guess telling consumers in developed country that their netbook can only run three applications at any one time is not as easy as ramming down the same into those in developing countries.

Now on to my next few grievances  for Windows 7 Starter Edition.

First: No DVD playback. I think it ought to have this function. It is true that most do not come with DVD drive, but one can buy an external DVD drive and attached to it. If Microsoft don’t want to give DVD playback ability, it only stand out to lose to other players, like VLC. To tell the truth, [I am surprised at VLC popularity among Windows users. Microsoft’s lost is our gain]

Second: Multi-monitor support. This is a personal one. I quite like the idea of Office productivity software using two monitors, displaying two different screen during a presentation. One way of acheiving this is obviously multi-monitor support. This is not the only way, but I believe that to do this one will need some form of multi monitor support.

Third : Domain support for business. Might be a problem, if you plan to use it in a window setting.

Grievance 2 and 3 is business oriented grievance. The way Microsoft tried to segment the market means they probably don’t care about it, as Windows 7 Starter Edition is not targetted as business. However, the distinction between business and consumers isn’t that clear cut. From a technological point of view, the distinction between the two is something only a business people will think worthwhile distinguishing.

As for grievance 1, and the fact that you cannot do some of the things that Windows Media Centre can, it is obvious that Microsoft wants to limit Windows 7 Starter Edition to not compete with its media centre business by limitting what they can do.

To a technical person like me, these restriction are not about technology, but about business. If I were running Microsoft, I probably starts with Windows CE and allow manufacturers to bolt on any windows module (DVD playback, etc) at a fee instead.


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