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June 5, 2009

Smart astroturfing … You cannot tell whether is it real experience or not

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Carla Schroder of LinuxToday identified an insideous form of astroturfing: Pretending to write a review that trash other people’s product. She believe a non insignificant amount of information on the internet about “I like Linux, but Linux is not ready for the masses” are manufactured.

To be fair, it is nothing new. A lot of companies had been¬† “sexing up” their products. Some, like this one, actually need not had done it. In fact, being found out damaged the brand name. Trashing someone else’s product is just a logical, but insideous extension to the logic.

Think about it, there are rumours that people you meet in pubs recommending a drink to you without revealing (s)he is working for the company and is actually there to advertise and entice you to buy the product. Most people won’t not like this to happen to them. You feel deceived. All will agree it is a totally different ball game if (s)he trashes other people’s product to get you to buy their product.

As for whether Linux is ready for the masses, i.e., you. It is not for me to say. All I say is you need to try it out. Go to the most famous distributions and download and burn a copy of Live CD. Boot your computer from your CDROM drive. Have a play with it. There is no risk to your computer at all as it does not modify your system at all. Who knows? You might like it!


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