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June 15, 2009

Microsoft to ship Window 7 without IE

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The news last Friday is Microsoft is to ship Window 7 without IE. You get the traditional Groklaw, ECIS and Opera (Ina Fried article) complaining that this is not enough. EC itself “reminds” us that this is a unilateral action by Microsoft that might not be itself be enough. EC’s statement is by far the most impartial, short and straight to the point.

Microsoft acknowledging the current EC antitrust action against IE has merit? Likely. I am  glad that Microsoft did not want to regain the title of the biggest fine by EC from Intel.

EU put the fear of god into Microsoft? At least on the surface, yes.

Marketing ploy to ensure IE’s continue dominant? I do not think Microsoft dare to do so. It will make the potential fine much larger. EC is competent enough and will use it in the appeal process to boaster it case. It is a losing situation for Microsoft if it even attempted.

Legal maneuver to pull the eye over EC or appeal judges? Like my comment about marketing ploy, it will only backfire.

One thing is sure: IE is now a separate component from Windows. Whether it was is still the subject of debate. I do not think the Window Engineering Team intermingle the two sets of code. But if they did, they undid it and deserve to go through it for the bad decision.


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