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July 1, 2009

Biggest win for MPAA

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And, … they did not have to do a thing at all. Well, they did help it along but they are not directly involved.

So what is it? Pirate Bay sell itselfs in order to go legit. Am I surprised by the news? Not at all. You and I know from day 1 one day Pirate Bay will go legit, but not before it makes its point on P2P issues. In a sense it achieved its aim and now it is time to sell.

So, how about the news that  Pirate Bay users jump ship? That is only to be expected. If you ask me, this fact had been factored into the sales price.

It is a big win for MPAA, bigger than the conviction of the founders itself. In a sense, MPAA deserves this win.

MPAA might had won this round, but you and I know that it is a golden opportunities for Pirate Bay wannabes. The cat wins today, but not the day.

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