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July 2, 2009

Windows Platform not good enough for London Stock Exchange? Not so fast…

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Steven J Vaughan-Nichols believes that the rumour that London Stock Exchange is preparing to dump its Window Platform-based trading system is proof that Windows is not suitable for mission-critical system is probably a bit too far fetch. I do not think even if LSE did indeed dump its current trade platform, it is validation that Windows Platform is not suitable.

First of all, we still do not know whether the new platform will not be Window-based. In fact, if LSE did indeed dump its current system but keep the new platform Window-based, I will say it is an endorsement of Windows for mission-critical system. If it does not, it is bad PR for Windows-based system, but there is so many other variables, e.g. cost, in play that we cannot say Windows is no good for mission-critical system.

Second and perhaps the most important factor, if you look at the objectives  for the trading platform that Vaughan-Nichols listed, you will find them tough to achieve. The skill of the development team is a more critical factor in deciding the failure/success of the platfom than the choice of Windows-based technology that powers it.

If London Stock Exchange indeed dump its current trading platform, all it says is its current trading platform is not up to standard. There will be plenty of eggs on a lot of peoples’ face, but to infer the failure of Windows Platform from this piece of news is a bit too far reaching.


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