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September 30, 2009

Temporary deactivation is necessary, but the user must be compensated handsomely

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Finally back from a month’s holiday so I have some catching up to do. Haven’t used a computer for the month and that’s just GREAT!!!

The first thing that caught my eye is CNET New’s Elinor Mill’s post about a bank getting a temporary order to a bank to block a Gmail’s user account, get Google to remove the offending email, then reactivated the account.

My first thought is that the temporary order should be issued. The consequence of the data going into the wrong hand is serious and Google should be compelled to remove the email.

I am sure Google will make sure it is compensated for the work, but I think that the user should be handsomely compensated as well. Why? He was inconveniented. It is not his fault and he is innocent.

Moreover, a handsome financial compensation will encourage others to not view any sensitive information that comes thier way accidentally. It also make sure that companies will be more cautious about sending email in the future as they will be spending a lot more money than what a temporary order demands.

The thing I cannot understand is why the bank haven’t encrypted the data in the first place. I think this is unacceptable. If they had encrypted it, we will not have a problem in the first place.

For obvious reason Google is not going to disclose the detail of the users. It will be up to Google to fight for him. I hope Google do.


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