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October 14, 2009

It is not linux, but applications

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… more precisely ease of use.

This is the post about what I think after I read the article with the provocative title “Acer: demand for Linux-only netbook not there“. However, it is not Linux that is the problem. Acer is actually trying out Android Operating System, which is based on Linux.

Why Android? Read carefully and you can see the argument is that Android comes with applications, what the Acer guy calls “connectivity”.

Acer’s problem is it is not a software developer. Its competency is shifting hardware. It’s business model is to use software developed elsewhere. There is a lot of software work one have to do, such as selecting the appropriate softwares, test them etc,  if one want to build a netbook using vanilla Linux. Acer would rather outsource it. Right now, Android fills that niche. By pushing functionalities away from the netbook into Google’s web-based services, i.e., the so-called “connectivity”, the hardware requirements drops dramatically, meaning cost is push to as low as a netbook can bare.

However, I am sure if someone can come out with a Linux distribution that has the correct mix of hardware/software/price combo, Acer will likely try it out. Heard that Ubuntu??

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