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October 19, 2009

Darl McBride out, but Chapter 11 Trustee appears to be willing to keep the litigation alive

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It is a sad end for Darl McBride. He was made redundant due to the bad economy climate. No, not the credit crunch, but SCO’s long-running sorry state of affair. He made a big gamble that by kicking up so much fuss, SCO is bought by someone, and he was targetting IBM. That gamble did not pay off and the chief architect of the scheme has to go. I wish him well on his next job.

More importantly, the Chapter 11 Trustee, appears to be considering keeping the litigation alive. As PJ had pointed out, he might be thinking that the SCO-Novell case might yield something in SCO favour, and if there is something tangile, just may be SCO will be bought out by Novell or IBM, and that will indeed be one of the best outcome for SCO. It is all on a wing and a prayer. I cannot help noticed that that is McBride’s gamble and if that happens, McBride will be vindicated.

The Trustee’s role is to act on the best interest of SCO if possible, and if not, try to bring about as much value as possible for the creditors. Right now the litigation is the best hope for SCO, so it is not surprising that the Trustee is prepared to take the gamble, if financially SCO can drag it out. If this is his intention, we will have to wait for the results of SCO vs Novell to come to fruitation.

Yes, I know. This means the case gets dragged on. However, that’s life.


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