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November 13, 2009

Bing teaming up with Wolfram Alpha: Act of desperation

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Is it Microsoft’s act of desperation when it says it is teaming up with Wolfram Alpha?

Both Bing and Wolfram Alpha was hailed as “the next big thing in search”. Both fizzled after the initial publicity blizz as internet users go back to Google’s bossom. Google? Nobody is aware that Google has been modifying their search engine. It did make announcement about changes to its search engine. However, we do not see any publicity blizz over the modification, simply a PR statement understating the importance of the changes. For example, announcement such as “search engine now indexing PDF documents” is big. Don’t you agree?

We have so many Microsoft search engine revamps. All, Bing included, announced to the public as nothing but “improved search”. All, again Bing included, are received by users as not offering enough difference to Google to justify the switch. So one has to wonder, is Microsoft desperate now that it is willing to try just about everything and anything in the hope the next one will be the one.

For Wolfram Alpha, I can see the upside. More cash to compile the information for the search engine. More high profile publicity. All good. The trouble with Wolfram Alpha is it is a curated search engine with a lot of (expensive) human input that had to be paid for, and severely limits the scope of the engine. I can see the promise: An authoritative results on the subject. However, it is still a web directory service, similar to Yahoo in the early days. Yes, it revamp web directory because it does not only classify pages blindly, but score the reliability of the information. It has potential.


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